The prevalence of mobile phone users has undeniably paved a way in mainstreaming mobile media advertising. Mobile media advertising is in point of fact to be one of the most effective forms of media marketing, more dominant than the traditional televised or online advertisements. Globally, more and more people are acquiring handheld devices such as mobile phones for easy connectivity, accessibility and most of all convenience. Mobile phones are extremely for personal use. Mobile media advertisers on the other hand have taken advantage of the target marketing strategy for every unique mobile phone user.

Targeting consumers through mobile media advertising has increasingly governed in among all types of advertising. Since most people are always on the go and they are not entirely stuck in front of a computer, mobile devices are the best companions in engaging with day to day transactions without ever worrying about the accessibility. Mobile media advertising has been popularized by banner ads, Short Message Service (SMS), and through the World Wide Web. Mobile phones have been revolutionized with features, which are most likened to that of using the Internet with a PC.

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